Documentation forPatch Manager

Create a third-party updates view in the SCCM console

You can publish, manage, and deploy third party updates from the Patch Manager server. The SCCM console allows you to view your third-party updates by vendor using saved searches.

Create a saved search in the SCCM console to differentiate between third-party update vendors. When you are finished, you can access the saved searches in the Search tab.

  1. Log in to the SCCM console.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Software Library.
  3. In the Software Library navigation pane, expand Overview > Software Updates and click All Software Updates.

  4. Click Add Criteria, select a search category, and then click Add.

    For example, Downloaded.

  5. (Optional) Repeat step 4 to add additional search criteria.
  6. Under the Search field, click the link next to AND Downloaded and select No.

  7. Click the Search tab.

    SCCM returns a list of software products that are not downloaded on the targeted systems.

  8. In the toolbar, click Save Current Search.

  9. Enter a saved search name. For example, Software Not Downloaded.

  10. Click OK.