Documentation forPatch Manager

Set up a Management Server role to segregate patch and asset data

You can add Management Server roles to improve performance or limit space requirements to avoid purchasing an additional SQL Server instance. The Management Server roles allow you to segregate patch data collected from the WSUS server from the asset inventory data collected from managed computer inventory tasks.

This scenario can help you manage your patch data if you installed Microsoft SQL Server Express as your primary Patch Manager database. Because this SQL version has a 10 GB size limit, it is not enough space to store both patch and asset data. To stay within the 10 GB restriction, you can deploy an additional Management Server role to store the asset data from a domain inventory. This scenario reserves the PAS for patch data from the WSUS server.

If you exceed the 10 GB limit, you must migrate your Patch Manager database to an SQL Server instance.

Since Patch Manager physically segregates the data, each database is significantly smaller. This scenario also improves performance and enhances security by keeping unique data sets separate from each other.