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Beyond Getting Started with Patch Manager

Now that Patch Manager is up and running, check out the Patch Manager Administrator Guide to customize your deployment. Additionally, the Patch Manager Documentation website contains additional documentation and training resources to help you get started.

The following table provides additional resources to help you move beyond getting started.

If you want to... Go to...
Learn more about WSUS Patch Manager Basics
Create a custom report Create a custom report
Create a third-party updates report Create a third-party updates report in Patch Manager
Install software updates on remote systems Patch Manager Agents
Review the top 10 Patch Manager customer issues Top 10 Patch Manager customer issues

Download product software, upgrades, and hotfixes

Access your license key

Check your activation status

Look up important product information, renewal dates, and costs

Renew your product maintenance

SolarWinds Customer Portal

Locate Knowledge Base (KB) articles

Review the release notes

Find "How To" training

Access the Product documentation

SolarWinds Success Center > Patch Manager

Participate in discussions with SolarWinds professionals

Get help resolving issues

Learn more about SolarWinds products

SolarWinds THWACK

Customize your Patch Manager deployment

Integrate Patch Manager with the SolarWinds Platform

Push, approve, and install third-party updates using Windows PowerShell scripts

Patch Manager Administrator Guide
Review the latest third-party patches added to the Patch Manager third party catalog Table of Third Party Patches