Documentation forPatch Manager

Operational roles

Use the following operational roles to grant access to everyday functions in the Patch Manager console in either Administrators or Viewers capacity:

  • Computer Configuration
  • EminentWare Report
  • WSUS Server

The following table lists the functions for each operational role.

Access To:  Administrators Can: Users Can:
Computer configuration

View, create, modify, or delete information obtained from direct connections to managed computers.

For example, information gathered using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), WMI-based tasks, such as Computer Explorer, Update Management, and Update Management Wizard tasks.

View the information about managed computers.
EminentWare reports View, create, modify, or delete EminentWare reports in the Patch Manager Administrator Console. View EminentWare reports.
WSUS servers

View, create, modify, or delete information involving WSUS servers.

Similar to WSUS Administrators group on the WSUS servers.

View information about WSUS Servers.