Documentation forPatch Manager

Add new update catalogs using CAB files

Patch Manager ships with several third-party update catalogs coded into its synchronization settings. Part of the initial configuration is to select the pre-configured catalogs to synchronize with your SolarWinds Patch Manager installation.

Some software vendors distribute their update catalogs in cabinet (CAB) files compatible with Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP). SolarWinds Patch Manager synchronizes with any SCUP-compatible update catalog. Perform the following procedure to add new update catalogs in CAB format to the Patch Manager synchronization settings.

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Patch Manager Admin Console as an administrator.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Administration and Reporting and select Software Publishing.
  3. Click Synchronization Settings in the Actions pane.
  4. In the Third Party Updates Options window, click Other Catalogs tab > Add Catalog.
  5. Complete the Add Catalog window fields.
    1. Enter the update catalog CAB file URL in the Catalog Path field.
    2. Enter the software publisher name in the Publisher field.
    3. Enter the catalog name in the Name field.
    4. Enter the catalog description in the Description field. This description displays in the Other Catalog tab when you select a catalog.
    5. Click OK.
  6. If you are adding a vendor catalog that is currently listed in the Other Catalog tab, add the vender as a trusted publisher.
    1. Locate the CAB file.
    2. Right-click the CAB file and select Properties.
    3. Record the publisher name as it appears on the Digital Signatures tab.
    4. Close the Properties window.
    5. Click the Trusted Publishers tab, and then click Add Publisher.
    6. Enter the publisher name in the Publisher field as it appeared on the Digital Signatures tab.
    7. Click OK.
  7. (Optional) Select the corresponding product catalog to automatically synchronize with the new catalog.
    1. Click the Subscription tab.
    2. Select the product check box.
    3. Click OK.
  8. Click OK.

See Table of Third Party Patches on THWACK for the current list of update catalogs.