Documentation forPatch Manager

Integrate Patch Manager with the Orion Platform

The Patch Manager Administrator Console is the primary console used to manage Microsoft and third-party patching on your servers and desktop. If you are using the Orion Platform to manage your IT infrastructure, you can integrate Patch Manager with the Orion Web Console. This configuration allows you to monitor your patch deployment and other aspects of your IT environment in one location.

The Patch Manager Summary view does not display your Orion data.

Creating the integration

To create the integration, run the Orion Platform installer on your Orion server or a stand-alone server in your Orion Platform. The installation procedure installs an integration module and additional Orion services on the server. After you configure the Patch Manager Web Console settings, you can log in to the Orion Web Console and access your Patch Manager data and Orion Platform data in one location.

To populate the Patch Manager Summary view, the Orion services connect to the Patch Manager Service running on the Patch Manager server. The Patch Manager Service connects to the Patch Manager database, retrieves the data for the Orion Web Console, and then passes this data to the Orion services. This data is cached to the Orion database.

When you open the Orion Web Console, the cached data is transferred from the Orion database to the Orion Web Console and displays in the console at My Dashboards > Patches > Patch Summary.

All data is cached to the Orion database every five hours by default. You can adjust the caching interval in the Patch Manager settings.

See Patch Manager Orion Integration architecture for a visual representation of the Patch Manger and Orion Platform integration.