Documentation forPatch Manager

Push Java Runtime environment updates

Check out this video (4:06) for an introduction on Patching Java and preventing failed updates.

Use the Package Download Assistant to download the Java Runtime Environment update files from the Oracle Java Downloads website.

If you need to update the Java software on your managed systems, see How to uninstall previous Java 8 versions using Patch Manager before you apply the new package on the target systems.

  1. In the Patch Manager menu, expand Administration and Reporting > Software Publishing.

  2. Select Sun Packages.

    These packages contain the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) updates that were originally developed by Sun Microsystems. Java is now a product of Oracle.

  3. In the center pane, select a JRE update that you want to publish.

    The Package Details tab displays important information about the update. The remaining tabs provide additional information, including prerequisite rules and version history.

  4. In the Actions pane, click Download Content.
  5. Click OK in the Download Assistant dialog box.
  6. In the Package Download Assistant window, double-click the download link to access the Oracle Java download site.

    Patch Manager opens a web browser and navigates to the Oracle website.

  7. If you accept the License Agreement, select Accept License Agreement.
  8. Locate the following product files:

    • Windows x86 Offline
    • Windows x64
  9. Download the files.

    This process may take several minutes.

  10. When the download is completed, close the browser window.
  11. Return to the Package Download Assistant window.
  12. Click Import Source.

  13. Browse to the folder that contains the imported file.

  14. Select the file, and click Open to import the file.

    The file you select must match the update you selected in Step 3. The Package Download Assistant provides the correct file name by default so you do not need to select the file after you browse to the appropriate folder.

    Patch Manager imports the file.

    When the import is finished, the Status column displays Completed.

  15. Click OK.
  16. In the Actions pane, click Refresh to view the imported files.
  17. Repeat step 3 through step 16 for any additional updates.
  18. In the Actions pane, click Publish Packages.
  19. Click Next.
  20. Click Finish.