Documentation forPatch Manager

Stand-alone installation

For a stand-alone installation of SolarWinds Patch Manager, install the software on a dedicated server using the Patch Manager Installer.

This installation assumes that:

  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is enabled on the target server.
  • You have not installed any other SolarWinds Orion Platform products on the dedicated server.
  • You are only running SolarWinds Patch Manager on this server with no additional SolarWinds or third-party applications (except Microsoft SQL Server Express for trial installations).
  • Server is running SQL Server Express or is connected to a remote database server running SQL Server.

    SQL Server Express supports a PM250 license tier for up to 100 managed computers. Because this database has a 10 GB limit, SolarWinds recommends using this database for trial installations only.

The following illustration shows a stand-alone installation connected to an external database server running SQL Server.