Documentation forPatch Manager

Install the Patch Manager Web Console on a separate server

You can install the Patch Manager Web Console on any server running a supported Windows Server operating system. This server can be a SolarWinds Platform server or a stand-alone server. The web console must be able to connect to a Patch Manager Application Server for the web console to function properly.

Use the following procedure to install the Patch Manager software components on the web server.

Do not install Patch Manager, WSUS, and the Patch Manager Administrator Console on the SolarWinds Platform server. This configuration will impact the performance of your SolarWinds Platform-based applications.

  1. Back up your Web Help Desk database to a separate location.
  2. Verify that the web server meets the Windows Server operating system requirements.
  3. Install the Patch Manager Web Console on the Windows server.

    See the Patch Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide for details.

After you install the Patch Manager SolarWinds Platform Web Console, you can generate Patch Manager reports in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.