Documentation forPatch Manager

Enterprise node

Use the Enterprise node to select WSUS servers and computers you want to manage in your enterprise network or a Patch Manager group. If the computer connects to your network using an agent, you can approve or disapprove the agent as required.

Select the Microsoft and third-party updates you want to install on your targeted systems.

You cannot run the Update Management Wizard to select specific updates.

Below is a description of each child node in the Enterprise node.

Child Node Description
Update Services Lists each WSUS server you manage with Patch Manager. Use this node to view and manage updates, computers, and WSUS groups on the selected WSUS server.
Microsoft Windows Network Lists each domain, workgroup, and Patch Manager computer group available to the Patch Manager Application Server (PAS). This node replicates the Windows network browser in the Application Server.
Managed Computers Displays the computers included in one or more Managed Computer inventory events. This node also displays all Patch Manager and WSUS servers.
Agents Displays the approved, pre-approved, and disapproved agents running on the managed computers.