Documentation forPatch Manager

Assign a new Patch Manager server to a management group

  1. Log in to the Patch Manager Admin Console.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Patch Manager System Configuration and select Patch Manager Servers.

  3. In the Actions pane, click Patch Manager Server Wizard.
  4. In the Patch Manager Server Configuration Wizard, select Edit an existing Patch Manager Server's configuration settings, and click Next.

  5. Enter your Patch Manager server configuration settings.

    1. Click the Server Name drop-down menu and select the new server.
    2. Click Resolve to populate the fields.
    3. Complete any remaining fields, and click Next.
  6. Associate the Patch Manager server with a management group.

    1. Click the Management Group drop-down menu and select a management group.
    2. Configure the remaining settings, and click Next.

      See the system requirements for the Patch Manager port requirements.

  7. On the Summary page, verify the settings for the new server.
  8. Click Finish.