Documentation forPatch Manager

Approve, push, and schedule the updates

Download the third-party update packages to the WSUS server. When you are finished, approve the updates, and then push the updates to the managed systems.

Each third-party vendor (such as Adobe and Google) publishes software catalogs that contain their latest product versions. When you run the Patch Manager Update Configuration Wizard and synchronize Patch Manager with the third-party updates website, Patch Manager retrieves the latest catalogs from each available vendor and displays them in the wizard.

Each vendor catalog contains update packages for a specific product. You can import all subscribed products or select only the products you need for your managed systems. When the synchronization is completed, Patch Manager stores the packages in the navigation pane under Administration and Reporting > Software Publishing.

To ensure your managed systems always have the latest software updates, create a schedule that pushes the updates to the managed systems each week or as often as required by your corporate IT policies. Check the task history to verify that the tasks run as scheduled.