Documentation forPatch Manager

Advanced Setup CLI commands

Use SetupHelper.exe from the command line of any additional Patch Manager server on which the standard setup wizards have failed.

The default location for this program is:

%PROGRAMFILES%\SolarWinds\Patch Manager\Server\SetupHelper.exe

For onscreen instructions, run the program from the command line with the /? argument:

setuphelper /?

The following table lists the commands you can run in Patch Manager.

To perform this task... Run this command...
Add a Patch Manager server to the environment and automatically register with the PAS (obtain and install the required server certificates) setuphelper /provisionserver /type primary
Add a Patch Manager server to the environment and locally install the required server certificates setuphelper /provisionserver /type local
Add a service account to the environment setuphelper /provisionserviceaccount <fullname of service account>
Create the first management group setuphelper /createmgmtgroup "Managed Enterprise" /description "The Managed Enterprise Management Group" /addserver <deviceid>

The Patch Manager PAS device ID is located in the registry at HKLM\Software\EminentWare\Data Grid Server in the DeviceID value.

Assign a server to a specific management group setuphelper /assignservertomgmtgroup <managementGroupID> addserver <deviceID>
Remove the local server from the environment setuphelper /unregisterserver
Reset the ACLs on a server setuphelper /secureserver /rootdirectory "C:\Program Files\EminentWare" /serviceaccountname <fullname of service account> /sqlinstance THISMACHINE\EMINENTWARE
Reset the ACLs on a console-only installation setuphelper /secureconsole /rootdirectory "C:\Program Files\EminentWare"
Re-provision the Patch Manager certificate setuphelper /reprovisioncertificates
Uninstall Patch Manager setuphelper /uninstall
Create a custom event log setuphelper /createcustomeventlog
Remove the custom event log setuphelper /deletecustomeventlog