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Add a custom chart or table to a web-based report in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products except for the following products:


When you are familiar with the SolarWinds Platform database, or comfortable with creating SQL or SWQL queries, you can create custom charts or tables and use them in reports.

To ensure that the charts and tables show meaningful results, you need to know what data you are using, from which instances it originates, and what you do with the data.

The following procedure assumes you are already creating or editing a report in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

You can reuse customized charts or tables by clicking Use previously specified objects when adding the chart or table and then selecting the object.

Add the table or chart to the report

  1. On the Layout Builder page, click Add Content in the column to which you want to add a custom chart.

  2. Group by Reports to find the Custom Chart or Custom Table resources.

  3. Select Custom Chart or Custom Table, and click Select and Continue.

  4. Define objects for the chart See Selection methods

  5. Type a name for the content and click Add to Layout.

    You must now edit the chart or table to choose the data series or columns you want to use and modify display and filtering settings.

Specify the data series to complete the content definition

Once you have specified the objects for your custom chart or table, you need to select the data series. You can also change the sample interval and filter the results.