Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Create a nodes table widget

The nodes table widget displays a variety of properties for each node in your network, such as IP address, operating system, connector profile, status, and more.

  1. Log in to the SEM Console.
  2. On the Dashboard toolbar, click Edit Dashboard.

  3. On the Edit Dashboard toolbar, click Add widgets.

    The Creating Widget pane expands displaying a variety of widgets and widget templates.

  4. Select New Table Widget and then click Customize.

  5. Expand Title and Description and enter a title for the widget (subtitle and description are optional).
  6. Expand Sorting, and select a sorting option.
  7. Under Refresh, enable Refresh if required and set the refresh rate.
  8. To add values and formatting to each column, select Add New Column.
  9. Expand Description, and enter the column name.
  10. Expand Property, and select the format and column value from the drop-downs .
  11. Continue to add columns and values. As you make your changes, the widget preview updates to the left of the widget template.
  12. To add your widget to the dashboard, click Create Widget, and then click Save changes.