Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Manage the SEM licenses

View SEM license information

Use the following steps to view SEM license information.

See License your SEM deployment in the SEM Installation and Upgrade Guide to learn how SEM is licensed.

Manage licenses

You can view your license information in the Settings window. To access, click the System icon in the toolbar and then select Manage License.

In the Manage license window, you can view, upgrade, activate, and deactivate your SEM license. If you do not have a license or your license is inactive, Activate license is displayed in the window. Only administrators can upgrade, activate, and deactivate a license.

The System icon may vary depending on whether your license is active or inactive.

If you do not have a license key, click Purchase license key. SEM directs you to the available licensing options located on the SolarWinds website.

See SEM license activation to activate your license online or offline.

See Update the SEM license to update your license.

After you activate your license, the Manage license window displays your license information with options to upgrade or deactivate your license.