Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

SEM CMC manager menu

The cmc::manager> menu includes commands for upgrading and debugging SEM.

SeeAbout the CMC command line in SEM for information about using the CMC command line.

Type the manager command at the main menu to open the cmc::manager> prompt. Commands available from the manager menu are listed in the following table in alphabetical order. A ü in the "Restart Required" column indicates that a command requires an automatic restart of the SEM Manager service. See Start and Stop SEM components for help.

Command Description Restart Required


Configures the SEM Manager appliance database archives to a remote file share on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.


Configures the SEM Manager appliance software and configuration backups to a remote file share on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.


Reconfigures the Agent on the current SEM Manager instance to connect to a new SEM Manager.

configurerawlogs Configures the SEM VM to use a self-signed certificate.
confselfsignedcert Configures the SEM Manager to use an nDepth server.
dbrestart Restarts the database.


Sends debugging information from the SEM Manager to any given email address. The email message contains a collection of data that can be useful in diagnosing problems.

disabletls Disables TLS for the database connections.
enabletls Enables TLS for the database connections.


Exits the manager menu and returns to the main menu.


Exports the CA certificate so that you can import it into a computer running the SEM console or the SEM reports application.


Exports the SEM Manager certificate (along with its public and private key) so that your certificate authority (CA) can sign it using PKI tools.

hotfix Installs a SEM hotfix. This command functions the same as the upgrade command.


Imports a certificate signed by any certificate authority (CA). A certificate is required to encrypt communication with the SEM console or the SEM reports application.


importl4ca Imports a CA of the other node in an L4 configuration. ü
licenseupgrade Upgrades your SEM Manager license. ü


Configures the Manager appliance remote log backups to a remote file share on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.


Resets the admin password to password. This command does not affect other users on the system, and all settings are preserved.



Restarts the SEM Manager service. This will take the Manager offline for 1–3 minutes.



Upgrades the SEM Manager’s Sensor Tools from the command line. This command does not support cd rom and floppy options - only SB.


Allows you to page through the SEM Manager’s log file.


Displays the SEM Manager's configured memory utilization settings.


Starts the SEM Manager service. If the Manager is already started, then nothing will happen.


Stops the SEM Manager service. This makes the Manager inactive until it is started again.



This command has been deprecated. Use the debug command.

togglehttp Enables or disables HTTP on port 80. ü


Displays appliance settings and other information that is useful for support and troubleshooting.


Displays 20 lines of the current SEM Manager log file and monitors the log for further updates. Any new log entries appear as they are written to the log.