Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Schedule a search query

Scheduling a query means it can be run automatically at set times and days, and the results sent to one or more email addresses or used in dashboard widgets.

  1. Click Options and select the schedule option.

    If this is a newly- created query the option will be Save and schedule. If it has already been saved the option will be Schedule this query.

  2. You are asked to enter a unique name for this query.

  3. Select when you want the query to be run. This can be daily, weekly or monthly.
  4. Select the time or times on the selected day or days that you want the query to be run.
  5. Select the start and optional end date.
  6. Enter or select the email addresses to which you want the results of this query to be sent. You can add LDAP users if you have configured SEM for LDAP.

  7. Click Schedule.