Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Upgrade to SEM 6.4 or later across a network share

During the upgrade process, the upgrade script disconnects the SEM virtual appliance from all SEM agents and consoles.

  1. Prepare the upgrade media.
    1. Download the Upgrade Package for SEM Virtual Appliance ZIP file from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
    2. Place this upgrade package on the network share drive.

      The upgrade network path should look similar to: \\<server- IP>\<SEM>.

  2. Connect to the SEM virtual appliance using either the virtual console (vSphere or Hyper-V Manager) or an SSH client (such as PuTTY).

    Use port 22 when using an SSH client.

  3. Log in with your CMC user credentials.
  4. Access the CMC prompt.
  5. In vSphere, arrow down to Advanced Configuration, and then press Enter.
  6. In PuTTY, log in using your CMC credentials.
  7. At the CMC > prompt, enter: upgrade

  8. Enter n for network, and then follow the prompts.

After you perform a SEM upgrade, always reboot the SEM appliance.