Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Configure a FIM connector from a template

  1. On the SEM Console, navigate to Configure > Nodes.
  2. Select an agent node, and then click Manage node connectors.
  3. To locate an available FIM connector, type FIM in the search box.

  4. Select a connector, and then click Configure from template.

  5. Keep the current name or enter your own.

  6. From the drop-down list, select a pre-defined template.

  7. Expand the Advanced connector settings.

  8. Keep the current settings or change the output and sleep time.

    The sleep time must be a numeric value and cannot be less than one. This is the time (in seconds) the connector sensor is to wait between event monitoring sessions.

  9. If you do not want to run the connector after saving, click the toggle button.
  10. Click Save.