Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

The SEM Live Events Viewer

The SEM Console provides instant access to live event monitoring and filtering as well as historical record archives for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting. Within the console view, you can quickly switch between real-time event streaming and historical log views based on user-defined date and time parameters.

The Live Events view consists of three panes: the filters, the event table and the event details.

Number Item Description
1 Events

The Events table displays the events that exist for your selected filter. The title bar displays the filter name selected in the Filters pane. Events that match the selected filter are displayed as they occur if the Live Mode switch above the table is on. If set to off, the number of undisplayed event messages is displayed alongside the filter name.

2 Filters

The Filters pane displays the filters you can be applied to the event messages. To apply a filter, click to expand a filter group, and click on the filter. The events table title changes to the name of the filter and the table is refreshed to displays the incoming events matching the filter conditions.

For more on using filters, see About Filters. To create or edit filters, see Create filters in SEM. Click the Hide Pane icon to collapse this pane, or the Show Pane icon to expand it.

3 Toolbar Switch between Live Events and Historical Events on theToolbar. You can also access the dashboard, work with rules, and configure nodes, connectors, users, directory service groups, user-defined groups and e-mail templates.
4 Detail The Detail pane displays information about the highlighted event in the Events table. When you click an event, the event details are displayed. Click the Hide Pane icon to collapse the pane, or the Show Pane icon to expand it. Click the icon to copy CSV-formatted event details to your system clipboard. You can also enter specific keywords in the pane to filter and view specific event data.