Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

View the system resources

  1. Log in to the SEM Console.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Settings icon.

  3. In the Settings page, click System Resources.

    The System resources window displays with details about the system resources. You can also access the one-click download debugs feature.

The following table describes each system resource.

Field Description
Platform The Manager platform name, which can be Trigeo SIM, VMware vSphere, or Microsoft Hyper-V.
CPU Reservation The reserved CPU memory. Reserving CPU memory ensures enough system resources are available for the allocated CPUs.
Number of CPUs The number of processors allocated to the virtual appliance.
Memory Allocation

The maximum amount of memory the Manager can use.

Set this value at or above the reservation value. You can define this value in the VM configuration. Setting memory allocation to a greater value than the memory reservation has little effect on SEM performance.

Memory Reservation The amount of memory reserved for this system.


The Manager or appliance name.


The Manager or appliance software version.

IP Address

The Manager or appliance IP address.