Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

FIM advanced connector settings

Complete the Advanced connector settings form according to the device you are configuring.

The following table lists the fields and descriptions that are common for most connectors.

Field Description
Wrapper Name and number An identification key that SEM uses to uniquely identify the properties that apply to this connector. This is read-only information for SolarWinds reference purposes.
Log Data Type to Save Select either Normalized, Raw + Normalized, or Raw (unnormalized). Storage for original log data must also be enabled on the appliance.
Sleep Time

Type or select the time (in seconds) the connector sensor is to wait between event monitoring sessions.

The default (and minimum) value for all connectors is one (1) second. If you experience adverse effects due to too many rapid readings of log entries, increase the Sleep Time for the appropriate connectors.

Windows NT-based connectors automatically notify Windows Event Log sensors of new events that enter the log file. Should automatic notification stop for any reason, the Sleep Time dictates the interval the sensor is to use for monitoring new events.

Run connector after saving

When this option is selected, the connector starts when you click Create.