Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Deploy SEM to Amazon Web Services

With version 6.7 and later, you can deploy SEM to Amazon Web Services (AWS). To get started, contact your SolarWinds Sales or Customer Support representative to request access to SEM on AWS.

SolarWinds is not responsible for fees incurred when deploying SolarWinds products to AWS.

  1. Contact your SolarWinds Sales (evaluation customers) or Customer Support (existing customers) representative to request access to the AWS Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for SEM.

    You will need to provide your AWS account ID and AWS Region.

  2. When you receive notification that your AMI is available, launch the AMI from the AWS EC2 console.
  3. Configure security groups to enable the required ports.

On versions earlier than 2020.2 you cannot resize partitions on managers deployed on AWS.

Deployment instructions

  1. Download, install, and configure AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) for AWS account access.
  2. In the AWS console, create and download an access key.
    1. In the AWS Console, navigate to user menu > My Security Credentials > Create Access Key.

      Save the access key ID and secret access key to a CSV file on your computer.