Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

About network devices

The following table lists the network resources that provide input to SEM Manager.

Network resource SEM input
Network Device log sources

(such as routers, firewalls, and switches
Syslog messages
Servers and applications SEM agent data
Microsoft Windows workstations SEM agent data

SolarWinds NPM

SolarWinds SAM

SolarWinds VMAN

SNMP traps (performance alerts)

See Enable SEM to receive SNMP traps for details.

SEM accepts device input using the TCP and UDP protocols. For example:

  • Network devices use TCP or UDP to send syslog events to the SEM Manager.

  • SEM agents installed on servers and workstations use TCP to push data to the SEM Manager.

  • SolarWinds Platform/VMAN server instances (including NPM and SAM) send SNMP traps over UDP to the SEM Manager.