Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Change the SEM CMC password

The CMC command-line interface (CLI) is used to connect to the SEM VM and perform administrative tasks. SolarWinds recommends that you periodically change the password used to access the CMC command-line.

These steps require the current CMC password. The default password is password.

  1. Log in to the CMC command-line interface.

    See Log in to the SEM CMC command line interface for instructions.

  2. Type appliance, and then press Enter.

  3. Type password, and then press Enter.

  4. Complete the wizard to change the password. See Special characters allowed in CMC commands and passwords for help choosing a CMC password.

  5. To return to the root CMC command line, type exit, and then press Enter.

  6. To log out and close the CMC interface, type exit, and then press Enter again.

Test the new CMC password by logging back in to the CMC interface.

Recover a lost CMC password

You need a valid CMC password to change the password. If you no longer have a CMC password to log in to the CMC interface, contact SolarWinds Support. A support representative can help you reset the password.

You can still access the CMC interface without the CMC password by logging into the VM console through the hypervisor and clicking on Advanced Configuration.