Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Edit node connectors

  1. On the SEM Console, navigate to Configure > Nodes.

  2. Select an agent node, and then click Manage node connectors.

  3. Select a node connector, click Stop, and then click Edit.

    You can choose to configure the agent's connector profile, or configure the agent directly.

  4. To configure the agent connector directly, click Agent Connector Configuration.

    This action removes the agent from the profile.

  5. Edit the connector configuration form.

    • Name: Enter a user-friendly label for your connector.
    • Log File: Enter the location of the log file that the connector will normalize. This is a location on either the local computer (Agents), or the SEM appliance (non-Agent devices).

    • Output: Normalized, Raw + Normalized, Raw. You only need to configure these values if SEM is configured to save raw (unnormalized) log messages.

  6. Click Save.

    You can also stop, start, and delete connectors.