Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Licensing an evaluation version of SEM

If you are evaluating Security Event Manager, you do not need to apply an activation key to activate the SEM VM. For 30 days, you will have unlimited access to all product features.

If you have not purchased and provided a license key after 30 days, the application will stop collecting event logs from your syslog and Agent devices. You can continue using Security Event Manager in this mode and access your saved logs. Applying a license reactivates event log collection and you can continue monitoring all events in your deployment. If you need to extend your evaluation period, contact Customer Sales.

You can upgrade to a fully-functional production version by purchasing a new license from Customer Sales and downloading the license key from the Customer Portal. After you install the new license key, you can access all features within the SEM appliance.

You cannot upgrade your license using the SolarWinds License Manager.