Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Visualize network and log data through the SEM Dashboard

Access the SEM Dashboard to highlight and summarize trends and suspicious activity through a series of interactive widgets. You can create, edit, and arrange widgets to display log data in a variety of tables and graphs based on filters within your Events viewer.

SEM provides a library of widgets, or you can create your own by using filters that you have customized to monitor specific activity. If your widget includes charts, you can click a specific line, bar, or pie wedge to open the source filter. The corresponding filter opens the Events viewer, and displays the targeted filter information. The filter lists only the events that correspond with the selected chart item.

Upon initial login, the following out-of-the-box widgets appear by default:

Name Description
Node Health A status view of each device monitored by SEM.
All Events Displays all events from the last 12 hours.
All Events by Event Type Displays the total count of each event type.
User logon by User Displays the total number of logons per user.
Logon Failures by User Displays the total number of logon failures per user.
Logon Failures by Source Machine Displays the total number of logon failures per each source machine.
Rules Fired by Rule Name Displays the most commonly triggered rules and the number of times each rule was triggered over a selected time.
Firewall Events by type Displays the top firewall events by event type.
Traffic by Destination Port Displays the amount of network traffic by destination port.
All Events by Connector Name Displays the top connectors processing events into SEM.

To access the SEM Dashboard, click the Dashboard tab on the SEM Console.

Click an event or data point in a widget to view associated details in the Events viewer.

Clicking the Others grouping in select widgets will show all events associated with that widget.

You can create, edit, and customize the following widget types:

Widget Type Description
KPI Displays metrics on the health and performance of the SEM appliance.
Proportional Displays an overview of widget group sizes in assorted charts (donut chart, pie chart, horizontal bar chart, vertical bar chart).
New Time Series - Long Term Shows event data for up to the last seven days. Displays a broad range of records with less granularity than short-term widgets.
New Time Series - Short Term Shows more granularity by allowing you to select filter and property data for a specified number of groups. For example, it can display a timeline chart of failed logons for the designated groups.
New Nodes Table Widget Displays a variety of properties for each node in your network, such as IP address, operating system, connector profile, status, and more.

If you created custom widgets in the Flash console, they are not migrated to the new SEM Dashboard.