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SAM API Poller Template Guide

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Starting in SAM 2020.2, you can use the API Poller feature to monitor metrics via external REST APIs, providing an easier way to collect data from a modern application stack.

This document provides details about API poller templates included in SAM that you can use to capture metrics for PaaS, IaaS, on-premises, and hybrid environments from Microsoft 365, Azure, VMware, and Atlassian APIs. Template are also available to tighten the integration between SolarWinds products such as AppOptics, Pingdom, and Service Desk.

To start using a template, see Assign API poller templates to nodes in the SAM Administrator Guide.

Additional topics in that guide include:

More SolarWinds API poller templates are available in the SAM section of THWACK, as posted by solarwinds_worldwide_llc and tagged with an API Poller label. For an example, see the GitHub health status API Poller Template. After you download a template from THWACK, you can import it into SAM on the Manage API Pollers page.