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Retrieve an AppOptics API token to integrate AppOptics with an IIS node in SAM

AppOptics uses unique API tokens to handle secure requests for data sent over HTTPS. The first time you integrate AppOptics with an IIS node and create an AppOptics account, an API token is generated and added to the Orion database automatically.

You can use these steps to retrieve a token for the SolarWinds AppOptics Monitored Services API poller template, or a standard API poller that monitors values via the AppOptics API.

To retrieve an API token for AppOptics that can be used in SAM:

  1. Log into AppOptics.
  2. Navigate to Settings > API Tokens.
  3. Click the API Token you want to use.
  4. On the Edit API Token page, click the clipboard icon to copy the token to the Windows Clipboard.
  5. Return to the Add an Integration wizard and copy the token into the API token field.
  6. Click Apply Token and follow onscreen instructions to finish adding AppOptics to nodes.