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Set up PowerShell on target servers in SAM

PowerShell is included in most versions of Windows Server but you can install it, if necessary. To ensure that the Orion server can execute PowerShell commands against remote, target servers configured as managed nodes in SAM, you'll need to verify that:

Depending on how it's configured in your environment, PowerShell can make your system vulnerable to unauthorized access. For details, see Use PowerShell in SAM.

The easiest way to set up a target server for PowerShell is to configure AppInsight for IIS on the node, which you can do in several way such as:

  • For an existing node currently managed via WMI, click List Resources on the Node Details view and select Microsoft IIS directly beneath AppInsight Applications. See Add AppInsight for IIS to an existing node.
  • For a new node added via the Add Node Wizard, you'll see the same Microsoft IIS option as provided for existing nodes.
  • For multiple nodes, add them via the Discovery Wizard or assign AppInsight for IIS to nodes on the Manage Application Monitor Templates page.