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Unmanage assigned application monitors in SAM

You can "unmanage" an application monitor to stop collecting data from a node on behalf of component monitors included in the application monitor. The Orion Platform continues to gather node status, hardware health, CPU, memory, and basic node data, but SAM stops pulling specific metrics for individual component monitors from the node. Alerts also stop.

Note the following details about unmanaging application monitors:

  • You can unmanage individual "child" application monitors assigned to specific nodes without "unmanaging" the parent template.
  • You cannot unmanage individual component monitors within an application monitor. However, many component monitors can be disabled, either in the parent template or in a child application monitor assigned to a specific node.
  • When you unmanage an application monitor, database, or node, the element is not polled and alerts are not triggered because the alert engine does not detect any change on the object. However, if you create a new alert or edit conditions for an existing alert for an unmanaged element, the alert will be triggered because the Orion Platform does not check to if an element is unmanaged before running the alert, by design.

To unmanage an application monitor:

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Application Monitors.
  2. On the Manage Assigned Application Monitors page:
    1. Select the application monitor.
    2. Click Maintenance Mode.
    3. Click Unmanage Now
  3. (Optional) Click Schedule to mute related alerts, or set time for scheduled maintenance.
  4. To resume polling later data for an application monitor, select it, click Maintenance Mode, and then click Manage Again. The application monitor status refreshes after the next polling cycle.