Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Assign a SAM application monitor template to a group of nodes

To save time when configuring your environment, you can assign SAM application monitor templates to multiple nodes that are organized into groups, instead of applying templates to individual nodes, one at a time.

  1. Organize the nodes you want to configure into groups.

    You can also use dynamic queries to create groups. Alternatively, use automation scripts that interact with the Orion SDK.

  2. Click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Templates > Application Monitor Templates.
  3. Select a template, and then click Assign to Group.

  4. Select a group from the Available Groups column, click the green arrow, and then click Next.

    By default, the template is assigned to nodes in the group with a compatible server OS. You can adjust that setting in the Advanced section at the bottom of the page. You can also enable the Auto Delete setting that removes nodes from a group when related SAM application monitors are deleted from nodes.

  5. Provide credentials and click Assign Groups.
  6. Click Done.

Template assignment may take up to 10 minutes to finish. If it takes longer, consider restarting Orion services.

Your templates are now assigned to a group.

To view the applications within a group:

  1. Click My Dashboards > SAM Summary.
  2. Click a group in the Application Templates Assigned to Group widget.

You can use dynamic queries to create groups of nodes, and then assign templates to the group. See How to Create Groups Using Dynamic Queries.