Documentation forSQL Sentry

SQL Sentry Portal VMware Performance

Now available: The VMware performance dashboard is available with SQL Sentry Portal Version 2022.3

View the performance of your monitored VMware Host and VMware Guests on the performance tab. The Performance tab displays live or historical Network, CPU, System Memory, and Disk data for monitored VMware Host and Guests. 

The left side of the VMware Performance tab displays your monitored VMware Host metric charts.

The right side of the VMware Performance tab displays your monitored VMware Guest metric charts.

Note:  The context menu displays a selectable option for all monitored VMware Guests that exist on the portal installation. 

Click and drag over a VMware Guest metric chart to highlight a spike or point of interest and display the Jump-To context menu. Select the VMware Guest that you want to view to open the Performance tab for your selection.

The VMware Host charts only display the Health and Performance Jump-To context menu options.

Important:  A VMware Guest that was previously monitored will display as a selectable option in the Jump-To context menu. Selecting an unwatched VMware Guest displays the performance tab for that selection with a This target is unwatched notification. You can still access historical data by selecting the calendar and selecting a date the VMware Guest target was monitored.