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SQL Sentry Client Alerts

The client alert status indicator is in the bottom right hand corner of the SQL Sentry client. When an alert status is detected, a pop-up with information about the alert displays.

Client Alert Indicator

You may choose to:

  • Pin the alert
  • Dismiss it 
  • Open the Client Alerts window by selecting the alert text 

Client Alerts Window

Client alerts are designed to provide actionable information about problems in your monitored environment. To open the Client Alerts window, double-click the status indicator in the bottom right hand of the screen.

You may disable status alert pop-ups or change the recurrence interval through Tools > User Preferences > System Status.

User Preferences System Status

The following colors correspond to the different alert levels:

Alert Level Description
Green A green status indicates that there are no alerts.
Yellow A yellow status is the warning level indicator. Warning level alerts are generated when there is a problem that limits the full functionality of SQL Sentry. This could include the SQL Server agent being offline.
Red A red status is the error level indicator. Error level alerts are generated when there is a significant problem in your monitored environment, such as when an instance has been detected as offline, or if there is a problem synchronizing data.
Important:  To configure notifications for instance status and monitoring service errors, see the Failsafe Conditions topics.

Concerning the History Synchronization Failed Alert

History Synchronization Failed: Message: SQL Server Agent has information logging turned on. The log will fill quickly in this state. Agent log history synchronization will be paused until information logging is turned off.

This error message indicates that information logging is enabled for the SQL Server Agent Log. With this level of logging enabled, the agent log quickly grows beyond one megabyte in size. The overhead associated with reading the SQL Server Agent Log when it grows to this size can cause performance problems. SQL Sentry doesn't synchronize the agent log until information logging is disabled.

Information logging can be turned off by completing the following steps.

  1. From SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), right-click the Error Logs folder within the SQL Server agent group node for the associated server, and then select Configure.
    SSMS Configure Error Logs
  2. Uncheck Information, and then select OK to save.
    SSMS Configure SQL Server Agent Error Logs
Additional Information: For more information about SQL agent log synchronization issues, see the History Synchronization Failed article.