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Monitoring Service Logon Account

Warnings and Notes


Running the Service Configuration Utility is the only supported way of changing the stored monitoring service credentials. Changing the security account using the services applet in the Windows Control Panel causes the service to fail and isn't supported. The service appears to be running, but is unable to perform any work due to an encryption error.

Do not use the Service Configuration Utility if you are using the EPI version of SQL Sentry. Refer to the EPI Commands article for instructions on using the update command to change a password or service account.

Note:  To only update a password, use the services applet in the Windows Control Panel.
Additional Information: For more information about the different requirements for the monitoring service logon account, see the Monitoring Service Security topic.


The Service Configuration Utility is used to change the stored credentials of the SQL Sentry monitoring service. If the user account used by the monitoring service needs to be changed, the SQL Sentry Service Configuration Utility needs to be run for the public/private key encryption to validate the change. The ServiceConfiguration.exe utility is in the SQL Sentry program group on the Start menu. Change your SQL Sentry Monitoring Service credentials by completing the following steps:

1. Run the SentryOne.App.MonitoringService.Configuration.exe application to open the Set SQL Sentry Monitoring Service Login window.
SQL Sentry Service Configuration Utility

2. Enter your new password, and confirm your password in the applicable boxes on the Set SQL Sentry Monitoring Service Login window. Select OK to confirm your changes.

SQL Sentry Set Monitoring Service Login window

3. If you have more than one SQL Sentry connection, you will see the SQL SentryDatabase Connection Management screen. Select the Connect button for the SQL Sentry connection you are updating.

SQL Sentry Repository Connection Management

4. Press any key to exit the Service Configuration Utility.

SQL Sentry Service Configuration Utility Press any key to continue

Success: If everything completes successfully, a Service configuration complete message displays on the Service Configuration command prompt window. Press any key to close out of the utility.

Using gMSA

If you are using Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) for your monitoring service account, use the Is gMSA? checkbox. Follow the same process as described above in the instructions. When Is gMSA? is checked, the password fields are disabled.

SQL Sentry Monitoring Service Login Is gMSA option

Note:  The service account will appear with a $ after it in the Service Configuration message and service screen to denote that it is a gMSA account.

Note:  gMSA is only available from the Service Configuration Utility, it is not available during the initial installation for the SQL SentryUnified Setup.

Using gMSA with EPI

See the isGmsa section of the EPI Commands article for instructions and examples. EPI allows gMSA to be used during the installation and updates to the account.