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Favorite Targets

Each SQL Sentry client has its own unique Favorites group. The Favorites group is used to define a view of targets and instances specific to that individual SQL Sentry client. This is useful in a large environment, because it allows an individual user to specify a subset of targets and instances that they're responsible for. Select the Show Favorite Targets icon, located directly above the Navigator pane, to toggle the Favorites node.

SQL Sentry Show Favorite Targets

When you add a target or an instance to your Favorites group, it's added to the Default Site node of the All Targets node ( if it isn't already a part of your SQL Sentry environment). When you add a target or instance to your Favorites group that's already a part of your shared SQL Sentry environment, the target or instance isn't duplicated. As mentioned earlier, the Favorites group is unique to each SQL Sentry client and defines a view of your larger SQL Sentry environment.

SQL Sentry Favorites Menu

Changes you make regarding the watched status, or to any configured settings, conditions, and actions from the context of the Favorites group are mirrored in the All Targets node. In the same way, changes made to targets and instances from the context of the All Targets node are also mirrored back to any Favorites groups that they belong to.