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Plan Explorer Live Query Profile


Live Query Profiling allows for the capture and replay of live query execution data. To enable the collection of live query data, select the arrow next to Get Actual Plan, and then select With Live Query Profile. When this setting is enabled, live query execution data is captured along with the actual plan. Plan Explorer adds the benefit of being able to replay a live query. This replay data saves as part of the Plan Explorer session file.

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Get Actual Plan With Live Query Profile

Related Settings

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer User Preferences related live query profiling settings

Setting  Description
Default Actual Plan Collection Mode
Allows you to choose between getting only an actual plan or getting the actual plan and live profile by default.
Live Profile Data Collection Interval
Determines how often live query data is collected. The minimum value is 100 ms.

For more information about this feature, see the Plan Explorer Update Just in "Time" for the New Year blog post. 

Note:  A minimum of SQL Server 2014 SP1 is required to collect live query profile data.