Documentation forSQL Sentry

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud

Download: The SQL Sentry platform solution is available on the AWS Marketplace so that you do not have to manually install it. See the Getting Started with SQL Sentry on AWS article for more information. 

Note:  If you want to manually install our software, please follow the instructions below.

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Monitoring Through SQL Sentry

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) provides web-scale cloud computing with secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Host SQL Sentry on EC2, and monitor EC2 instances by completing the following steps:  

Step One Spinning up your EC2 instances

Spin up an instance that will be hosting the SQL Sentry components and a target instance to monitor:

1. Select Launch a virtual machine with EC2, and then select advanced EC2 Launch Instance wizard link.

EC2 advnaced Launch instance wizard

2. Select an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in the advanced EC2 Launch Wizard. Select your instance type, and then select Review and Launch.

EC2 select AMI

 3. Edit the security group as shown in the following image. Select Review and Launch, and then select Launch.EC2 edit the Security group

Note:  You can edit this security group later to lock down access to specific IP addresses.

4. Select Create a new key pair from the drop-down list and give it a name. Select Download Key Pair, select Launch Instances, and then select View Instances on the next screen.
EC2 Create a Key Pair

5. Right click on your instance and select Connect. Select Get a Password in the Connect to your Instance window.

EC2 Connect to your instance

6. Find the key pair that you downloaded earlier, and then select Decrypt Password.
EC2 Decrypt password

7. Copy your password and select Download Remote Desktop File.
EC2 Download Remote Desktop File

8. Connect and log into your new instance.
EC2 Logged in

Note:  Repeat these steps for each EC2 instance. To launch an EC2 instance to be monitored, select Launch Instance from the EC2 screen.

Step Two Preparing for installation of SQL Sentry

  1. Right click on the Windows button and select Computer Management.
    Windows Computer Management
  2. Select the Users folder and then select Add New User from the context menu.
    Windows Add a New User
  3. Enter the appropriate information for your user, select Password never expires, and then select Create to create your user.
  4. Add the account as a member of the Windows Administrators Group.
    Windows Add user to Administrators group
  5. Add the account with the required permissions (as listed in the Monitoring Service Security article) for the SQL Server instance.
    Add sysadmin for SQL Server Instance
  6.  Change the server properties to set security to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode, and then restart the SQL Server Service.
    Windows Change SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

Step Three Completing the SQL Sentry installation

Install the latest version of SQL Sentry onto your workspace. For more information about installing SQL Sentry, see the Installation, and Onboarding topics.

Step Four Successfully monitoring additional EC2 instances

Add additional EC2 instances to your environment as desired. For more information about installing additional instances with SQL Sentry see the Monitoring Additional Targets topic.