Documentation forSQL Sentry

SQL Sentry Failed Instances

Identifying a Failed Instance

When a certain event has failed, there are several ways the SQL Sentry client alerts you.

In the Navigator pane, the text of the object is red to indicate a failed instance. In the Calendar view, the status bar for that event's instance is red. In the List view, the first cell has a red background.

SQL Sentry Event Calendar in History view with a Failed Job highlighted.

Clearing the Failure

To clear a failure, right-click on any of the above-mentioned instance views, and then select Clear Failed Status

Event Calendar in the History view with a failed event selected and the Clear Failed Status option highlighted.

Selecting Clear Failed Status opens the Add Note? window and you'll be asked if you want to leave a note before clearing.

SQL Sentry Add Note? window prompting you to add a note with the Yes option highlighted.

Alternatively, select Add/Edit Notes from the context menu to open the Notes window. Enter details about the failure and resolution taken, then select SaveSQL Sentry Add/Edit Note window with the Save Option highlighted.

A message box appears asking if you'd like to clear the failed status for the object. Select Yes to clear all open failures for the object, and change Navigator nodes shown in red back to black. When clearing the failed status for a maintenance plan job, maintenance plan, etc., any related child or parent objects also clear.