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SQL Sentry Audit Conditions


Audit Conditions are applicable to various activities inside and outside of the SQL Sentry client. Audit Conditions provide a way to be notified when various settings are changed, or monitored objects are modified from within the SQL Sentry client. Audit Conditions have an assigned default severity and associated tags, and will affect your environment's Environmental Health Score (EHO).

Note:  The Log to Database action is configured by default for all Audit Conditions. This gives you an audit trail concerning changes to your SQL Sentry environment. If you'd like to be notified about Audit Conditions happening in your environment, configure the Send Email Action.

Configuring Actions for Audit Conditions

To add a Audit Condition, complete the following steps:

1. Open the Navigator pane (View > Navigator), and then select the desired node where you want to configure an action.
SQL Sentry Navigator Pane select desired node 

2. Open the Conditions Pane (View > Conditions) and then select Audit Conditions from the dropdown menu.

SQL Sentry Conditions Pane select Audit Conditions

3. Select Add in the Conditions pane to open the Actions Selector. Expand the applicable object and condition. Use the checkbox(es) to select which actions should be taken in response to this condition being met, and then select OK.
Actions Selector Audit Conditions

Additional Information: For more information about actions that can be taken when a condition is met, see the Actions topic.

For a complete listing of all Audit Conditions, see the following tables.

Event Chain

Condition Description
Audit: Event Chain Created An Event Chain is created.
Audit: Event Chain Deleted An Event Chain is deleted.
Audit: Event Chain Modified An Event Chain is modified.


Condition Description
Audit: Actions Changed A configured action is changed for an object.
Audit: Event Object Created An Event Object (job, task, etc.) is created.
Audit: Event Object Deleted An Event Object (job, task, etc.) is deleted.
Audit: Event Object Properties Modified An Event Object's (job, task, etc.) properties are modified.
Audit: Event Object Rescheduled An Event Object (job, task, etc.) is rescheduled. For some object types, this condition is only detected when rescheduling in the SQL Sentry client by dragging-and-dropping.
Audit: Notes Changed A note is changed.
Audit: Settings Changed Object or application settings are changed.
Audit: Watched Flag Changed The watched flag is changed for an object.

Performance Counter

Condition Description
Audit: Performance Counter Added A Performance Counter is added to an event object or event view.
Audit: Performance Counter Deleted A Performance Counter is deleted from an event object or event view.
Audit: Performance Monitored Flag Changed The Performance Monitored flag is changed for an event object or event view.