Documentation forSQL Sentry

SQL Sentry Client Interface

The SQL Sentry client interface is divided into three main areas:

  • Positioned along the left side of the client are the Navigator, Event View, and Plan History panes. 
  • Positioned in the center of the client is the workspace area. The SQL Sentry client has been designed with an enhanced multiple document interface (MDI).
  • Positioned along the right side of the client are the Conditions and Settings panes.

SQL Sentry Client Interface example

Working With Panes

Panes within the SQL Sentry Client can be enabled or disabled.  The pushpin feature SQL Sentry Pushpin button can be used to auto-hide the panes allowing for a larger workspace area. These panes can be moved, docked, and resized allowing the workspace to be customized to best fit your work style. If the panes are closed they can easily be restored from the View menu.

Workspace Layout

The dimensions of the client panes and workspace area are saved automatically when you close the client. Select Tools > Reset Layout to restore the default configuration.

Tools Reset Layout Option

Status Bar

At the bottom of the SQL Sentry client is a status bar divided into four sections: 

SentryOne Client Status Bar

Status Bar Section Description
Left Section Current status for the active view. If you recently refreshed the time or went to a new window, it says Refreshing History Data or Refreshing Sample Data.
Middle Section Current progress for the active view.
Right Section Displays if the software is up-to-date when the client has access to the internet.
Client Alerts Indicator
  • A red indicator means there are errors
  • A yellow indicator means there are warnings
  • A green indicator means there are no errors or warnings
Additional Information: For more information about the Client Alerts indicator, see the Client Alerts article.