Documentation forSQL Sentry

SSAS Usage Totals

Multidimensional Instances

The SSAS Usage Totals tab provides information that can be used to determine what responses to take based on activity levels. 

SSAS Usage Totals Multidimensional Instance

For Multidimensional instances, the information is divided into three different groups:

Tab Description
Attributes Use the Attributes tab to view which attribute combinations are hit the most to determine if creating an aggregation would improve performance. Expand a command to see the different queries, and to display more detailed information for each query.
Aggregations Use the Aggregations tab to view the aggregations that are being used. Expand an aggregation to see text data for the queries.
Partitions Use the Partitions tab to view the partitions that are being read the most.
Note:  If there are aggregations and partitions that don't display in these tabs, it's possible they aren't being used.

Tabular Instances

SSAS Usage Totals Tabular Instance

For Tabular instances, the only tab that displays in SSAS Usage Totals is the Object Memory Usage tab. Use the Object Memory Usage tab to view the objects that are using the most memory in your instance. Expand objects to drill down and display more detailed information about the memory usage.

Filter Pane

SSAS Usage Totals Filter pane

The Filter pane provides a series of filters and controls for specifying which records to display. The following filter categories are available:

  • SQL Servers
  • Databases
  • Cubes
  • Measure Groups

Select the desired filter, then select the Refresh button or press F5 to apply the filter. Select a combination of items in any of the lists to set the filters. Use shift-click or ctrl-click to select more than one item in a list. Depending on the length of the displayed interval, you may have a lot of data to work with. The Show Top setting controls how many of the rows are retrieved.