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Java Agent


Upgrade the AppOptics Java agent by following the same steps as Installation.

We check if ./javaagent.json has been modified to retain any custom configurations you may have made. If the file has been modified, the new json file is stored under a different name, e.g. ./javaagent.json.6.18.0. As a next step you should transfer all your custom changes to ./javaagent.json.6.18.0, rename ./javaagent.json to something else such as ./javaagent.json.old and ./javaagent.json.6.18.0 to ./javaagent.json.


Download and run the latest AppOptics Java agent Windows installer from

Java SDK

AppOptics Java SDK is made available on Maven with group Id and artifact Id appoptics-sdk. Simply set the version number to the the latest one according to our release notes. (SDK and Agent share the same version number)

Our SDK jar can also be found within the installation folder of the AppOptics Java agent.