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SWISnap Command Line


The swisnap is a CLI tool to manage the SolarWinds Snap Agent. It is based on the SWISnap REST API V3. Agent versions prior to version 3 were using REST API V1.

To learn more about REST API, please check the REST API documentation


The solarwinds-snap-agent package installs swisnap in /opt/SolarWinds/Snap/bin/swisnap on Linux and in C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Snap\bin\swisnap.exe on Windows. This command needs to be run by a privileged user. General usage:

swisnap [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

Global options

--url value, -u value   Sets the URL to use (default: "http+unix:///opt/SolarWinds/Snap/run/swisnapd.sock" for Linux or "npipe:////./pipe/swisnapd" for Windows) [$SNAP_URL]
--insecure         Ignore certificate errors when Snap's API is running HTTPS [$SNAP_INSECURE]
--password, -p       Require password for REST API authentication [$SNAP_REST_PASSWORD]
--config value, -c value  Path to a config file [$SNAP_CONFIG_PATH, $SNAPCTL_CONFIG_PATH]
--timeout value, -t value Timeout to be set on HTTP request to the server (default: 10s)
--help, -h         show help
--version, -v       print the version


help, h   Shows a list of commands or help for one command

Command Options


swisnap task command [command options] [arguments...]


create There are two ways to create a task.
       1) Use a task manifest with [--task-manifest]
       2) Provide a workflow manifest and schedule details.
* Note: Start and stop date/time are optional.

list   list
details details <task_id>
start  start <task_id>
stop   stop <task_id>
remove  remove <task_id>
watch  watch <task_id>


swisnap plugin command [command options] [arguments...]


load  load <plugin_path> [--plugin-asc=<plugin_asc_path>] [--plugin-cert=<plugin_cert_path>] [--plugin-key=<plugin_key_path>] [--plugin-ca-certs=<ca_cert_paths>]
unload unload <plugin_type> <plugin_name> <plugin_version>
list  list


swisnap metric command [command options] [arguments...]


list list
get  get details on metric(s)

Example Usage


Listing tasks:

swisnap task list


|      TASK ID / PLUGIN                  |    TYPE   | LAST ACTION |   DURATION   | PROCESSED |   STATUS   | LAST ERROR |
| 8cd79cab-00-task-aosystem.yaml         |           |             |              |           |            |            |
|  8cd79cab-7b68-40ab-9957-4b2bcee24777  |           |             |              |           |            |            |
|   aosystem                             | collector | collect     | 4.018737ms   |      78   | ++++++++++ | N/A        |
|   publisher-appoptics                  | publisher | publish     | 2.314005666s |      78   | ++++++++++ | N/A        |
| d585a634-00-task-processes.yaml        |           |             |              |           |            |            |
|  d585a634-96ac-421b-9b56-14b7dadc4b6f  |           |             |              |           |            |            |
|   processes                            | collector | collect     | 3.030227059s |     132   | ++++++++++ | N/A        |
|   publisher-processes                  | publisher | publish     | 640.493525ms |     132   | ++++++++++ | N/A        |

Task details:

swisnap task details d585a634-96ac-421b-9b56-14b7dadc4b6f


    "id": "d585a634-96ac-421b-9b56-14b7dadc4b6f",
    "href": "/v3/tasks/d585a634-96ac-421b-9b56-14b7dadc4b6f",
    "name": "d585a634-00-task-processes.yaml",
    "deadline": "55s",
    "creation_timestamp": 1589927868,
    "last_run_timestamp": 1589992369,
    "hit_count": 1076,
    "task_state": "Running",
    "master_id": "_7166b636-5e28-44f3-ab9a-865f707ab6ef",
    "schedule": {
      "type": "windowed",
      "interval": "1m0s"
    "plugins_used": [
        "href": "/v3/plugins/collector/processes/local/11.0.0",
        "name": "processes",
        "type": "collector",

Watching task:

swisnap task watch d585a634-96ac-421b-9b56-14b7dadc4b6f


[2020-05-20T16:38:52.94159661Z] /processes/sshd/cpu = 0
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941604856Z] /processes/sshd/memory = 0.307209312915802
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941610392Z] /processes/sshd/count = 1
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941615636Z] /processes/sshd/uptime = 6.9571936e+07
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.94162475Z] /processes/snap-plugin-publisher-appoptics/cpu = 0
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941630978Z] /processes/snap-plugin-publisher-appoptics/memory = 2.2923760414123535
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.94163602Z] /processes/snap-plugin-publisher-appoptics/count = 1
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941640921Z] /processes/snap-plugin-publisher-appoptics/uptime = 6.4861937e+07
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941648967Z] /processes/systemd-journald/cpu = 0
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.94165458Z] /processes/systemd-journald/memory = 0.6409773826599121
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941659775Z] /processes/systemd-journald/count = 1
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941664641Z] /processes/systemd-journald/uptime = 3.6607938e+07
[2020-05-20T16:38:52.941671504Z] /processes/kthreadd/cpu = 0

Creating task:

Prepare a task manifest file in json or yaml format. As an example we will use task-aosystem-cpu.yaml, with following content:

version: 2
  type: cron
  interval: "0 * * * * *"

  - plugin_name: aosystem

    ## mount_points allows filtering mount points that will be monitored.
    ## The default behavior is to monitor only physical devices (ie. hard disks, USB, etc.).
    ## To enable monitoring of all devices, use ‘*'.
    # mount_points:
    #  - /dev
    #  - /run
    ## exclude_disks allows to define which mount points should not be monitored.
    ## Basic globbing patterns are supported.
    # exclude_disks:
    #  - /dev/loop*
    #  - /dev/sdb1

    - /system/cpu/guest
    - /system/cpu/idle
    - /system/cpu/interrupt
    - /system/cpu/iowait
    - /system/cpu/steal
    - /system/cpu/system
    - /system/cpu/user
    - /system/cpu/utilization
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/guest
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/idle
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/interrupt
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/iowait
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/steal
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/system
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/user
    - /system/cpu/per_cpu/[cpu]/utilization


swisnap task create -t task-aosystem-cpu.yaml


Using task manifest to create task
Task created
ID: 257b2811-2b03-466a-afb2-306ae4975f43
Name: Task-257b2811-2b03-466a-afb2-306ae4975f43
State: Running

Stopping task:

swisnap task stop 257b2811-2b03-466a-afb2-306ae4975f43


Task stopped

Removing task:

swisnap task remove 257b2811-2b03-466a-afb2-306ae4975f43


Task removed


Listing plugins:

swisnap plugin list


NAME                    TYPE         API          VERSION    RUNTIME    SIGNED     STATUS      LOADED TIME
publisher-appoptics     publisher    PluginsV1    48.0.0                false      loaded      Tue, 19 May 2020 22:37:48 UTC
aosystem                collector    PluginsV2    58.0.0     local      false      running     Tue, 19 May 2020 22:37:48 UTC
processes               collector    PluginsV2    11.0.0     local      false      running     Tue, 19 May 2020 22:37:48 UTC
publisher-appoptics     publisher    PluginsV2    48.0.0     local      false      running     Tue, 19 May 2020 22:37:49 UTC
publisher-processes     publisher    PluginsV2    48.0.0     local      false      running     Tue, 19 May 2020 22:37:49 UTC

Loading plugin:

swisnap plugin load /opt/SolarWinds/Snap/bin/snap-plugin-collector-logs


    "loaded_plugin": {
      "name": "logs",
      "version": "15.0.0",
      "type": "collector",
      "signed": false,
      "status": "loaded",
      "loaded_timestamp": 1589989454,
      "href": "http://localhost:21413/v1/plugins/collector/logs/15.0.0"
    "plugin_api_version": "PluginsV1",
    "Err": null

Unloading plugin:

swisnap plugin load unload collector logs 15.0.0


Plugin unloaded
Name: logs
Version: 15.0.0
Type: collector


Metric commands are supported only for plugins implemented with plugin framework V1

Listing metrics:

swisnap metric list


NAMESPACE                    VERSIONS
/logs/attempts_total         15.0.0
/logs/bytes_failed           15.0.0
/logs/bytes_forwarded        15.0.0
/logs/bytes_succeeded        15.0.0
/logs/failed_attempts_total  15.0.0
/logs/lines_failed           15.0.0
/logs/lines_forwarded        15.0.0
/logs/lines_skipped          15.0.0
/logs/lines_succeeded        15.0.0
/logs/lines_total            15.0.0

Metric details:

swisnap metric get details --metric-namespace /logs/attempts_total


/logs/attempts_total     15.0.0            Wed, 20 May 2020 16:18:43 UTC

  Rules for collecting /logs/attempts_total:
    NAME                      TYPE      DEFAULT   REQUIRED    MINIMUM     MAXIMUM
    write_timeout             string    30s       false
    exclude_patterns          string              false
    hostname                  string              false
    api_protocol              string    tls       false
    exclude_files             string              false
    windows_events            string              false
    papertrail_token          string              false
    api_port                  integer             false
    loggly_token              string              false
    connect_timeout           string    30s       false
    files                     string              false
    max_line_length           integer   1024      false
    new_file_check_interval   string    30s       false
    api_host                  string              false

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