Documentation forAppOptics

Supported components (legacy agent)

The following content pertains to supported components for the legacy AppOptics PHP Agent.

AppOptics agents are no long receiving updates. The new SolarWinds Observability libraries can send APM data in AppOptics and are regularly updated with new features and improvements. If you are still relying on the AppOptics agents and your components are supported by the new libraries, consider transitioning to the SolarWinds Observability libraries for your APM needs. For more information about the benefits of migrating to the SolarWinds Observability libraries. Alternatively, you can use SolarWinds Observability as your primary APM solution.

If you have already transitioned to the new SolarWinds Observability PHP Library, see the SolarWinds PHP Library documentation for supported components information.

SolarWinds Observability libraries are not compatible with AppOptics agents. Do not use a mix of SolarWinds Observability libraries and AppOptics agents to instrument applications that are part of a distributed trace.

PHP versions
5.3.x (agent versions 4.x, security fixes only) 7.1.x
5.4.x (agent versions 4.x, security fixes only) 7.2.x
5.5.x (agent versions 4.x, security fixes only) 7.3.x
5.6.x (agent versions 4.x, security fixes only) 7.4.x
7.0.x 8.0.x (no JIT support)
8.1.x (no JIT support)  


PHP frameworks
Laravel versions 5.5, 5.8, 6, 8


PHP databases
MongoDB via mongo (PHP 5.x only)
Query privacy: ability to filter literals from MySQL fully supported; Postgres and Oracle "normal" quoting supported.


PHP caches
memcache phpredis


Other PHP instrumentation
cURL (except curl_multi_exec)   file_get_contents  
error_log for errors of types E_ERROR, E_WARNING, E_USER_ERROR, E_COMPILE_ERROR, E_CORE_ERROR, E_CORE_WARNING, E_COMPILE_WARNING, E_USER_WARNING, E_PARSE fopen, file_get_contents, readfile, include, require, copy, file web resource accesses are tracked