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This plugin collects metrics from the mod_status module, targeting the server-status endpoint. The plugin requests the machine-readable content from this endpoint and parses metrics out from the retrieved data. This plugin can fetch metrics from multiple Apache servers.


This integration is included as part of a SWI collector. The SWI collector bundles several collectors into one integrated binary.

The apache plugin is included with the SolarWinds Snap Agent by default, follow the directions below to enable it for an agent instance.

With Snap Agent version 4.5.0 and later, this plugin was upgraded to use the v2 plugins framework. If you are running v1 of the collector, see AppOptics Snap Agent 4.4.0 documentation.

To migrate to the v2 plugins framework, update Snap Agent to the latest version and see Migrate from v1 to v2 appoptics publisher plugins.


This plugin requires that mod_status with the ExtendedStatus option is enabled for your Apache server. Below is an example configuration:

<Location /server-status>
  SetHandler server-status
  Order deny, allow
  Deny from all
  Allow from ::1
  Allow from
ExtendedStatus on

Refer to the Apache mod_status documentation for more information.


An example task file is included with the Snap Agent to help you get started quickly. It includes a pre-defined task configuration, which you can modify with the correct settings for your Apache server. To enable the plugin:

  1. Make a copy of the apache example configuration file apache.yaml.example, renaming it to apache.yaml:

    On Windows, run the following in PowerShell or the command line:

    copy "C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Snap\tasks-autoload.d\task-aoapache.yaml.example" "C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Snap\tasks-autoload.d\task-aoapache.yaml"

    On Linux, run the following in the command line:

    sudo cp -p /opt/SolarWinds/Snap/etc/tasks-autoload.d/task-aoapache.yaml.example /opt/SolarWinds/Snap/etc/tasks-autoload.d/task-aoapache.yaml
  2. (optional) Edit the task-aoapache.yaml task manifest file with settings specific to your Apache server.

    version: 2
      type: simple
      interval: "60s"
      - plugin_name: apache
        binary_name: snap-plugin-collector-aoapache
          ## URL pointing to Apache status endpoint
          #  - url: http://localhost/server-status?auto
          ## Name used to tag and identify metrics.
          #  server_name: localhost
          ## Not all version of the Apache status endpoint return the same metrics.
          ## If set to true, collects metrics that are present in every version of Apache status endpoint.
          ## If set to false, collects all possible metrics.
          #  safe: true
          ## Controls whether to send/receive metrics
          ## in the standard naming format (eg. /apache/[webserver]/workers/dns_lookup)
          ## or the deprecated old one (eg. /apache/[webserver]/workers/DNSLookup).
          ## WARNING: Switching this option to true might break existing dashboards
          #  new_namespaces: true
          ## All available metrics
          ## New namespace format
          - /apache/[webserver]/busy_workers
          #- /apache/[webserver]/bytes_per_req
          - /apache/[webserver]/bytes_per_sec
          - /apache/[webserver]/conns_async_closing
          - /apache/[webserver]/conns_async_keep_alive
          - /apache/[webserver]/conns_async_writing
          - /apache/[webserver]/conns_total
          #- /apache/[webserver]/cpu_children_system
          #- /apache/[webserver]/cpu_children_user
          - /apache/[webserver]/cpu_load
          - /apache/[webserver]/cpu_system
          #- /apache/[webserver]/cpu_user
          - /apache/[webserver]/idle_workers
          - /apache/[webserver]/load_1
          - /apache/[webserver]/load_15
          - /apache/[webserver]/load_5
          #- /apache/[webserver]/parent_server_config_generation
          #- /apache/[webserver]/parent_server_mpm_generation
          - /apache/[webserver]/req_per_sec
          #- /apache/[webserver]/duration_per_req
          #- /apache/[webserver]/total_accesses
          #- /apache/[webserver]/total_kbytes
          - /apache/[webserver]/uptime
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/closing
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/dns_lookup
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/finishing
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/idle_cleanup
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/keep_alive
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/logging
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/open
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/reading
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/sending
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/starting
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/waiting
          ## Old namespace format
          - /apache/[webserver]/BusyWorkers
          #- /apache/[webserver]/BytesPerReq
          - /apache/[webserver]/BytesPerSec
          - /apache/[webserver]/ConnsAsyncClosing
          - /apache/[webserver]/ConnsAsyncKeepAlive
          - /apache/[webserver]/ConnsAsyncWriting
          - /apache/[webserver]/ConnsTotal
          #- /apache/[webserver]/CPUChildrenSystem
          #- /apache/[webserver]/CPUChildrenUser
          - /apache/[webserver]/CPULoad
          - /apache/[webserver]/CPUSystem
          #- /apache/[webserver]/CPUUser
          - /apache/[webserver]/IdleWorkers
          - /apache/[webserver]/Load1
          - /apache/[webserver]/Load15
          - /apache/[webserver]/Load5
          #- /apache/[webserver]/ParentServerConfigGeneration
          #- /apache/[webserver]/ParentServerMPMGeneration
          - /apache/[webserver]/ReqPerSec
          #- /apache/[webserver]/DurationPerReq
          #- /apache/[webserver]/Total_Accesses
          #- /apache/[webserver]/Total_kBytes
          - /apache/[webserver]/Uptime
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Closing
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/DNSLookup
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Finishing
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Idle_Cleanup
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Keepalive
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Logging
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Open
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Reading
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Sending
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Starting
          - /apache/[webserver]/workers/Waiting
          - plugin_name: publisher-appoptics
  3. Restart the agent.

    On Windows, run the following in the command line:

    net stop swisnapd
    net start swisnapd

    On Linux, run the following in the command line:

    sudo service swisnapd restart
  4. Enable the Apache plugin in AppOptics.

If you completed these steps successfully, after a few minutes the Apache plugin will be listed on the Integrations page. If the plugin is not included on the page, see Troubleshooting Linux or Troubleshooting Windows.

Select the Apache plugin to open the configuration menu in the user interface, and then enable the plugin. When completed, the apache metrics are available on the dashboard.

Metrics and tags

The tables below detail the available metrics collected by the apache plugin. The Safe metrics table lists the metrics that are safe to collect for all versions of Apache servers. The Unsafe metrics table contains metrics that are available only in newer versions of Apache servers.

All metrics are available in two formats: CamelCase for compatibility with the pre-existing dashboards and snake_case to match the conventions used in other plugins.

The Metric tags table lists the tags provided by the apache plugin.

Safe metrics

Old format namespace New format namespace Description
apache.BusyWorkers apache.busy_workers Busy workers
apache.BytesPerSec apache.bytes_per_sec Bytes transferred per second
apache.CPULoad apache.cpu_load CPU load
apache.ConnsAsyncClosing apache.conns_async_closing Asynchronous closing connections
apache.ConnsAsyncKeepAlive apache.conns_async_keep_alive Asynchronous keepalive connections
apache.ConnsAsyncWriting apache.conns_async_writing Writing asynchronous connections
apache.ConnsTotal apache.conns_total Total connections
apache.IdleWorkers apache.idle_workers Idle workers
apache.ReqPerSec apache.req_per_sec Requests per second
apache.Uptime apache.uptime Server uptime
apache.workers.Closing apache.workers.closing Closing connections
apache.workers.DNSLookup apache.workers.dns_lookup DNS Lookup
apache.workers.Finishing apache.workers.finishing Gracefully finishing
apache.workers.Idle_Cleanup apache.workers.idle_cleanup Idle cleanup of worker
apache.workers.Keepalive apache.keep_alive Keepalive (read)
apache.workers.Logging apache.workers.logging Logging
apache.workers.Open Open slot with no current process
apache.workers.Reading apache.workers.reading Reading request
apache.workers.Sending apache.workers.sending Sending reply
apache.workers.Starting apache.workers.starting Starting up
apache.workers.Waiting apache.workers.waiting Waiting for connection
apache.Total_Accesses apache.total_accesses Total accesses
apache.Total_kBytes apache.total_kbytes Total kBytes

Unsafe metrics

Old format namespace New format namespace Description
apache.Load1 apache.load_1 Server load over last 1 minute
apache.Load5 apache.load_5 Server load over last 5 minutes
apache.Load15 apache.load_15 Server load over last 15 minutes
apache.BytesPerReq apache.bytes_per_req Bytes transferred per request
apache.DurationPerReq apache.duration_per_req Average request handling time
apache.CPUUser apache.cpu_user Jiffs used in user mode
apache.CPUSystem apache.cpu_system Jiffs used in system mode
apache.CPUChildrenUser apache.cpu_children_user Jiffs used in user mode by child processes
apache.CPUChildrenSystem apache.cpu_children_system Jiffs used in system mode by child processes
apache.ParentServerConfigGeneration apache.parent_server_config_generation Times apache has reread configs and restarted child processes
apache.ParentServerMPMGeneration apache.parent_server_mpm_generation Times apache has reread MPM configs and restarted child processes

Metric tags

All Apache metrics are tagged with the hostname and webserver names that were set in the configuration. Additionally, if the safe option is set to true in the configuration of a webserver, then the following tags are provided:

Tag name Description
server_mpm Apache server version
server_version Apache servers selected MPM

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