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My CloudWatch API calls are being throttled. What should I do?

AWS places soft limits on the rate of requests made to the CloudWatch API. Unfortunately these limits don't scale with the number of resources in use, so if you have a large number of instances/resources to monitor, you will most probably run into the limit.

We automatically adapt to the throttling and are able to continue retrieving your data, but it does delay how quickly we can present data to you in our interface.

To ensure seamless operation we recommend you contact your AWS representative or file a support ticket to have your CloudWatch API limits increased (which are set pretty low by them initially). As a rule of thumb, if you don't foresee a significant increase in AWS resources you should ask them to double the limits. If you think your resource use is going to grow considerably, ask them for a 4..5x increase.

Generally it should be sufficient to send a simple request. On some occasions we have heard that an Amazon representative will come back with some questions. We're going to work with our AWS Cloudwatch contacts to simplify the process but in case you receive questions, here are some answers:


1. What Cloudwatch API calls are you making / are getting throttled?

We don't record which exact API calls are throttled, however the API calls we make are ListMetrics and GetMetricStatistics. We make far more GetMetricStatistics requests than any other, so its most likely that.

2. What is the specific desired rate?

That's a difficult one to answer as it is different for each account and depends on the usage level. Rather than answering with specific requests/sec we recommend asking for a 2x or 3x increase. If they don't accept that, e-mail AppOptics support for help checking your rate and crafting a more specific answer.

3. Do you make the all calls at once or do you stagger them over time?

The requests are staggered randomly amongst all our CloudWatch integration customers.

4. Do you batch metrics together in a single request for PUT calls?

We do not make any PUT requests.

5. What version of API are you using to make these requests?

We use the latest version of the API - in fact we use the AWS Ruby SDK that Amazon provides.

6. Are you using best practices for calling CloudWatch?


Hopefully these answers will get you what you need. When the limit increase has been completed contact the AppOptics customer support team so we can check the results on our side.

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