Documentation forAppOptics

Installation - Snap Chef

The SolarWinds swisnap Chef recipes installs the SolarWinds Snap Agent package and configures the default publisher plugins and agent. The recipes supports Windows and Linux based systems.

For more detailed information about the recipes' attributes see the SolarWinds swisnap-cookbook repository or directly on the swisnap Chef Supermarket page .


  1. Download the swisnap recipes to your chef server using either Berkshelf or the Knife tool:
    • Berksfile:

      # add to Berksfile
      cookbook 'swisnap`
    • Knife tool

      knife supermarket install swisnap
  2. Download the recipe's dependencies (SolarWinds Snap Agent's dependency includes the cookbook packagecloud).

  3. In attributes/default.rb, change the value for the ['swisnap']['solarwinds_token'] attribute from SOLARWINDS_TOKEN to your AppOptics API token.

  4. Send an updated version of the recipes and its dependencies to the Chef Server:

    berks upload swisnap


    knife cookbook upload swisnap --include-dependencies
  5. Add swisnap::default recipe to run the list of nodes to be monitored:

  6. Run chef-infra either manually on Chef nodes or, if enabled, using another recipe for scheduled triggers.